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OEM Services
Shanghai Yixing Technology provides all kinds of sheet metal processing OEM services - from laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping, deep drawing, manual and robotic welding, surface treatment and more. We offer turnkey manufacturing options for sheet metal parts and assemblies.
About Yixing Technology

Shanghai Yixing Technology is a leading OEM services factory specializing in customized sheet metal parts in China,  established in 2003, with over 5000 square meters of facilities, serving more than 1000 customers around the world. As a sheet metal factory in China, we have full range of sheet metal capabilities to meet customers' different demands like laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping, deep drawing, welding etc. We design and make progressive die, compound die and single punch die in house. We can work with different materials like aluminum, brass, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel etc. The industries we serve include household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, buildings, lighting, healthcare, energy and power transmission, furniture, electronic industry, construction, and other consumer goods.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry
Sheet metal parts, as an important metal processing products, its working principles and applications are very wide, almost covering various industries and fields. Through our processing and manufacturing OEM services for sheet metal parts, it can meet the needs of different industries, and provide convenience and flexibility for the manufacture of various products.
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