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Furniture Sheet Metal Fabrication

Furniture Sheet Metal Parts

Metal furniture is a type of furniture made primarily of metal pipes, panels, or rods, combined with wood, various artificial boards, glass, stone, and other materials, as well as iron furniture made entirely of metal materials. It is collectively referred to as metal furniture.

The commonly referred to "steel wood furniture" should be understood as metal furniture from a professional perspective, and steel wood furniture is only one type of metal furniture. Metal furniture can create different atmospheres for different rooms in a home, and also make the home style more diverse and modern.

Advantages and characteristics of metal furniture: highly personalized style, rich color selection, diverse categories, folding function, considerable aesthetic value, and affordable goods.

Furniture Sheet Metal Fabrication

Furniture Metal Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

The main process for metal furniture is cutting, bending, forming and welding. Equipped with laser cutting machines, CNC bending, press brake, stamping machines and welding machines, Shanghai Yixing Technology can provide qualified metal furniture parts per customers' design or even exceed their expectation.

As a professional sheet metal fabrication factory, Shanghai Yixing Technology has made metal furniture parts for more than 20 years. Our customers' metal chairs, beds, tables etc sell very well in Amazon. With our accumulated experience in custom sheet metal manufacturing and bending dies in hand, customer may avoid some initial investment. We are very friendly to start up companies and new development projects.

Our engineers can provide technical support services to turn customer ideas or designs into reality. We cooperate with many surface treatment suppliers to meet the appearance requirements of our products - enhancing their corrosion resistance, improving their appearance, printing logos and other patterns, so that our products can be directly put into the sales market.

Furniture Metal Fabrication

How Yixing Technology Produce Furniture Metal Parts

1. Cutting of pipes or cutting of plates

Metal substrates are generally larger or longer, so it is necessary to cut them first to make them smaller for further processing. Various methods such as gas cutting, grinding wheel cutting, laser cutting, and milling can also be used for cutting.

2. Bending processing

Sheet metal bending can be achieved using stamping technology; And the bending of pipes needs to be done on a specialized machine tool, using a profile wheel to bend the pipes into a circular arc. Bending pipes can generally be divided into two processing methods: hot bending and cold bending. Hot bending is used for thick or solid pipes, and is less commonly used in metal furniture; Cold bending involves bending at room temperature and forming under pressure. The methods of pressure include mechanical pressure, hydraulic pressure, and manual pressure. Bending pipes are commonly used to make the skeleton structure of furniture.

3. Punching holes

Holes can be done through punching, with high machining accuracy and efficiency; Big holes can be drilled using a drilling machine or a hand electric drill. If slot holes are used in the design, milling can be used.

4. Welding

The welding of metal furniture components often uses methods such as gas welding and arc welding. After welding, the welding points need to be polished to make their surface smooth and avoid affecting their appearance.

5. Surface treatment

There are many surface treatment processes for metals, which can be carried out through chemical coloring, electrolytic coloring, anodizing coloring, plating coloring, coating coloring, heat treatment coloring, etc. This not only improves the aesthetics of metal furniture, but also protects the surface of metal materials from oxidation.

6. Assembly

Assemble metal components into furniture using screws, bolts, rivets, etc. according to different connection methods.

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