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Galvanized Sheet Metal Fabrication

Galvanized sheet is a metal material that uses steel as the substrate and is coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. Usually, hot-dip galvanizing or electroplating methods are used to complete the galvanizing process. Galvanizing can effectively prevent steel from rusting and corroding in damp or corrosive environments, thereby extending its service life.

Electroplated galvanized steel plate (SECC): uniform gray, fingerprint resistant, with excellent corrosion resistance, and maintains the processability of cold-rolled sheets.

Hot dip galvanized steel plate (SGCC): Dipped, bright white, with small zinc flakes (difficult to see), and large zinc flakes with visible hexagonal flower blocks.

Aluminum zinc coated steel plate (SGLD): It is a multiphase alloy material that contains both aluminum and zinc rich materials. Due to the characteristics of aluminum and zinc, it has better performance than hot-dip galvanized steel plate (SGCC). Main characteristics: corrosion resistance, with much higher ability than SGCC; Heat resistance; Thermal conductivity and thermal reflexivity; Formability; Weldability.

Galvanized Steel Fabrication

Why Choose Yixing Technology Custom Galvanized Steel Parts

In Shanghai Yixing Technology, we have manufactured custom galvanized steel parts through metal bending, metal stamping, deep drawing and welding process. Hundreds of galvanized steel projects are successfully carried out in our factory every year and delivered to customers around the word.

As a professional sheet metal fabrication factory, we have large warehouse to store the galvanized steel sheet in good condition and are ready for any projects that in need of large amount of galvanized steel. We have experience in fabricating sheet metal parts with SGCC, SECC, SGLD etc. Contact us for different zinc content material and we will quote and make per your requirement.

We can sign NDA with customers to protect their information. We can provide door to door delivery and do customized package or general package after discussing with customers.

Galvanized Sheet Metal Fabrication

Application of Yixing Technology Custom Galvanized Steel Parts

Our galvanized steel stamping parts, galvanized steel deep drawing parts and galvanized steel welding parts are widely used in different industries as below:

Construction industry: Galvanized sheet has excellent performance in welding, spraying, and rust prevention, and will be used in balconies, window sills, warehouses, and roof rolling shutter doors.

Household industry: Galvanized sheet metal combines the characteristics of steel and zinc, making it sturdy and durable. It is used in household appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners.

Automotive industry: Galvanized sheet metal is a beautiful and smooth material with good corrosion resistance, and is widely used for covering the entire body of the vehicle. It can be said that galvanized sheet metal is used in places where steel plates are needed in cars, such as car ceilings, carriage panels, and other positions.

Transportation industry: The sturdy and durable nature of galvanized sheet is reflected in various aspects such as containers, ship compartments, and road fences in this industry.

Furniture industry: The plasticity of galvanized sheet is also very applicable in the furniture industry, and can be used in the manufacturing of products such as lampshades, desks, counters, and bookshelves.

Galvanized Sheet Metal Welding

Material Sheet Metal Fabrication

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