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What Industries Can Bend Pipe Processing be Applied to?

Pipe Bending processing is very common, and different industries have different uses. Many people know about pipe Bending, but their understanding of the uses of pipe bending processing is often not comprehensive. Therefore, this article provides a detailed introduction to some of its common uses. Various bends are used in some pipelines, such as ship pipelines, car oil pipes, and other pipelines.

Compared to other types of bends, circular arc bends also have more advantages. Firstly, various materials move more smoothly at the circular arc bend, resulting in less and more uniform impact on the pipe wall. Additionally, circular arc bends have lower stress concentration, higher strength, and greater impact resistance.

The bulge of modern steel furniture, office chairs, beach chairs, luggage carts, shopping carts, strollers, computer tables, etc., and several metal pipes form several bright lines, which are practical, convenient, safe, and reliable. The bathroom field is also an important range of use for pipe bending processing, including faucets, towel racks, and S-shaped attachments.

The refrigeration pipes of air conditioning are basically bent pipes, small U-shaped pipes, return pipes, etc; Motorcycles, sedans, electric vehicles, bicycles, and other means of transportation require the use of bent pipes for handles, bumpers, frames, etc; Fitness equipment, lighting, construction machinery, and other industries. It can be said that the use of curved pipe processing is widespread in various fields, providing great assistance for practical use, and playing a role and advantage that other products cannot replace.

What Industries Can Bend Pipe Processing be Applied to

When using bent pipes, do not squeeze them very strongly to avoid deformation of the steel wire rope, which may lead to structural damage and early wire or strand breakage. When the bend is running at high speed, do not present a conflict with objects other than the matching wheel groove. When we wrap the bent pipe on the drum, we try to arrange it neatly. When using bent pipes, we must not get them wet. We use them in dry areas.

What Industries Can Bend Pipe Processing be Applied to

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