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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has obvious advantage such as high precision, high speed and low cost compared with other traditional cutting method. Shanghai Yixing Technology provides professional laser cutting service for all industries. Thickest material can be 20mm for carbon steel and 14mm for stainless steel.

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is an efficient and economical cutting process. It is the use of a high density laser beam to irradiate a workpiece, causing the irradiated material to vaporize and melt, while using high-speed airflow to blow away the material, in order to cut the workpiece out. It leaves edges with high-quality surface finish. Industrial laser cutting machines are generally used to cut flat materials as well as structural and pipeline materials. Laser cutting is a mainstream technology known for its accuracy, efficiency, and versatility.


Laser Cutting Material

Laser cutting machine can cut metals, plastic, wood, leather and even cardboard. Below is the summary of the metal material we can cut. The material and its thickness choice is highly dependent on the machine parameters.

Aluminium2024, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063, 1060 et
Carbon SteelSPCC, HRS, SAPH440 etc
Stainless Steel201, 301, 304, 316 etc
Cold or Hot Dip Galvanized SteelDC01+Z100, S220GD+Z100, DX51D+Z100, DC01+Z275, S220GD+Z275, DX51D+Z275 etc

Advantages of Laser Cutting in Shanghai Yixing Technology

Advantages of Laser Cutting in Shanghai Yixing Technology

In Shanghai Yixing Technology, we will use the most suitable laser cutting equipment like 3D laser cutting machine 1500W and flat laser cutting machine 2000W according to the material and design shape and also other external suppliers resource to fully meet customers' demands.

Advantages of Laser Cutting in Shanghai Yixing Technology

We provide accurate and fast sheet metal fabrication services such as laser cutting services for all industries like automobile, agriculture, solar industry etc. There are hundreds of materials we can laser cut and we do not set minimum order QTY so as to relieve customers’ financial pressures. We are friendly to new start project with small quantities.

Advantages of Laser Cutting in Shanghai Yixing Technology

We have professionally trained engineer who can fully control the beam intensity, thermal output, and duration during the laser cutting process. Therefore, our laser cutting process is highly reliable and helps to significantly avoid errors and reduce material waste.

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FAQ of Laser Cutting

FAQ of Laser Cutting

  • What is the thickest flat sheet you can laser cut?

    We offer different thickness specifications for different laser cutting materials. The laser cutting equipment parameters will decide what thickness we can cut.

    • For aluminum, the thickest flat sheet we can laser cut is around 10mm.

    • For stainless steel, the thickest flat sheet we can laser cut is around 14mm.

    • For carbon steel, the thickest flat sheet we can laser cut is around 20mm.

  • How long does it take to laser cut materials?

    Laser cutting is one of the most efficient cutting method that can cut steel materials very fast. This ensures that various cutting projects will be completed very quickly while at the same time save material costs. With precise laser cutting machines in Shanghai Yixing Technology, we can provide faster lead times and reasonable pricing for customers.

    • For aluminum, our cutting speed is around 0.3~0.45m/min.

    • For stainless steel, our cutting speed is around 0.4~0.5m/min.

    • For carbon steel, our cutting speed is around 0.3~0.5m/min.

  • How accurate is your laser cutting service?

    Our laser cutting service can cut material with a precision of +/- 0.002 inches and a positional accuracy of +/- 0.004 inches. This high precision makes laser cutting an ideal choice for industries that require complex and detailed cutting. For example, precision parts of serrated teeth used in the manufacturing and even production of medical devices.

    The accuracy of laser cutting machines is mainly affected by the following factors:

    1. Laser beam quality

    The better the quality of the laser beam, the smaller the focused spot, and the higher the cutting quality and accuracy.

    2. Optical system

    High precision and high-quality optical systems can significantly improve the accuracy of laser cutting machines. During the operation of the laser cutting machine, the optical system guides the laser beam very close to the workpiece, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the laser beam, thereby achieving high-precision processing.

    3. Machine accuracy

    Machine accuracy is also one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machines. The laser cutting machine needs to have a high-precision positioning system, including the workbench, guide rail, servo motor, sensor, and other parts that must ensure accuracy in order to ensure the processing accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

    4. Cutting parameters

    Different materials and thicknesses require different cutting parameters, such as laser power, spot diameter, gas flow rate, cutting speed, etc. Adjusting these parameters can effectively affect the accuracy of cutting.

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