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Telecom Sheet Metal Parts Fabrication

Telecommunication Sheet Metal Parts

Precision sheet metal processing plays a very important role in the telecommunication equipment industry, especially in the manufacturing process of key components such as chassis, casings and brackets. These precision sheet metal components must fit together precisely to ensure stable operation of the equipment over a long period of time. Precision sheet metal processing can ensure this accuracy, thereby ensuring stable and excellent performance of telecommunication equipment.

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Telecommunication equipment must meet high quality and technical standards. Achieving this standard requires the use of high-quality materials and the use of advanced technology and processing equipment. Precision sheet metal processing technology is the key to meeting these requirements, ensuring that telecommunication equipment meets high standards and can effectively compete in the market.

According to the special nature of telecommunication equipment, sheet metal processing must be completed in the shortest possible time. Precision sheet metal processing robots and CNC equipment can complete processing tasks quickly and efficiently, ensuring that products are produced and delivered to customers in a short time.

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Telecommunication Metal Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

We choose high-quality raw materials and refuse to cut corners. We can provide mill factory certificates and third-party testing reports for raw materials. Ensure production according to customer drawings and materials.

As an experienced precision sheet metal fabrication factory, our engineers will design internal production processes based on customer drawings, provide production process flow charts, inspection plans, control plans, and other documents to ensure orderly production of products.

Products in the telecommunications industry generally use processes such as laser cutting, sheet metal bending, stamping, and welding. We are equipped with relevant equipment to ensure the quality and delivery time of our products.

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How Yixing Technology Produce Telecommunication Metal Parts

Cabinets are the most commonly used products in the telecommunication industry. The following is the general production process of cabinets:

1. Preparation of raw materials for the cabinet

The production of cabinets requires the use of some metal materials, such as steel plates, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, etc. Before production, these materials need to be classified, cleaned, and dried to ensure that their quality meets production requirements. At the same time, it is also necessary to inspect and maintain the molds required for the cabinet to ensure the service life and production efficiency of the molds.

2. Plate cutting

In the production of cabinets, steel plate is one of the most commonly used materials. In the plate cutting process, the raw materials need to be cut into plates of appropriate size first, which is the basis for subsequent production links. According to the design drawings of the cabinet, the steel plate is cut into the required shape and size using processing methods such as laser cutting, shearing or sawing.

2. Blanking

Blanking is an important link in the cabinet production process. After the sheet is cut, the sheet is blanked with the help of the blanking machine. It should be noted here that the error range and size need to be strictly controlled during the blanking process to ensure the smooth progress of subsequent processing links.

4. Bending

In the bending process, the panels of the cabinet are bent by the bending machine or bending die.  The bending angles and errors must be strictly controlled to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet components.

5. Assembly

In the assembly process of the cabinet, the plates are drilled, the fixings are arranged neatly, and the assembly is carried out according to the drawings and requirements. This includes fixing the upper and lower sides, left and right sides, installing distribution panels, installing brackets, and finally cleaning and inspecting the assembled cabinets.

6. Quality inspection

Quality inspection is a very important link in cabinet production. After the cabinet production is completed, each cabinet needs to be inspected and inspected to ensure that their quality meets the requirements and meets the required standards. During this process, the appearance of the cabinet also needs to be inspected to ensure that there are no obvious scratches, deformations and other defects.

The above is a detailed explanation of the cabinet production process. Only by strictly following these procedures and accurately controlling the operation of each link can we ensure the production of high-quality, high-precision, and high-reliability cabinet products.

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