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European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition in Hanover, Germany

European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition in Hanover, Germany

EURO BLECH 2024.10.22-10.25

Opening and closing hours: 09:00-18:00

Venue: Hannover Exhibition Center

Hosting exhibition hall: Messegel ä nde 30521 Hannover Germany

Holding period: 2 years, 1 session. Exhibition area: 87800m. Exhibitor count: 1505. Audience count: 60636 people

Hosting history: 27th session

Standard booth: 9216 euros/12 square meters bare space booth: Project manager quotation

Introduction to European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition in Hanover, Germany

The European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition (EURO BLECH) in Hanover, Germany is the largest exhibition event in the global metal sheet metal processing industry. Since its inaugural event in 1969, it has become a top event and international market for the entire metal sheet processing industry worldwide, serving as a benchmark for the industry. This exhibition has a high degree of internationalization and is a rare opportunity for suppliers and producers of raw materials, mechanical equipment, systems, and tools to come together and participate in planning the future of the metal sheet processing industry.

The European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition (EURO BLECH) in Hanover, Germany provides exhibitors with an international platform to showcase their latest technologies to key purchasers and decision-makers in the industry, and also provides a valuable opportunity for visitors.

The European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition (EURO BLECH) in Hanover, Germany, attracts senior industry professionals from around the world. The exhibition is mainly aimed at all professionals at various management levels of large and small enterprises in the metal sheet metal processing field.

Scope of European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition in Hanover, Germany

Metal sheets and semi-finished products: machine tool parts, sheet metal parts, sheet metal structural parts, cold working sheet metal, coated plates, cold-rolled plates, hot-rolled plates, semi-finished and finished products, castings, mechanical sheet metal, precision metal casting and forging, bearings, fasteners, standard parts, valves, metal sheets, etc

Processing of pipes/profiles: stainless steel pipes, petroleum pipes, alloy pipes, non-ferrous metal pipes, steel pipes, iron pipes, non-metallic pipes, specialized pipes, fittings, pipes, profiles, wires, and flanges, as well as production and processing machinery, manufacturing tools, measuring instruments, etc. for these products

Metal forming and processing equipment: separation technology, pipe/profile processing, thin plate flexible processing technology, forming technology; Metal cutting, sheet metal cutting machines and machining centers; Cutting machines for sheet metal, thin plates, and profiles, pipe spinning machines; Straightening machine, wire forming machine; Punching machines, stamping machines, step punching contour machines, shearing machines, bending machines, punching machines, laser machines, plasma, water jet cutting machines, uncoilers, leveling machines, deburring machines, welding machines, slotting machines, riveting machines, mechanical lubrication products and other sheet metal products

Surface treatment and post treatment: shot/sand blasting, grinding wheel, sandblasting device, sandblasting device and related accessories; Ventilation system and equipment; Grinding, cutting, power tools, etc; Cleaning and painting equipment; Anti rust treatment and electroplating; Powder coating system and equipment; Welding machinery and equipment, etc

Hardware tools and molds: electric tools, manual tools, pneumatic tools, grinding tools, grinding tools, abrasives; Metal stamping molds, precision stamping molds, and die-casting molds; Cutting, punching, stretching, bending, manufacturing, forming components, etc

Welding and cutting equipment: various types of arc welding, plasma welding, resistance welding, solid-state pressure welding, laser welding, electric slag welding, friction welding, electron beam welding, brazing equipment, specialized welding equipment, welding robots, etc; CNC cutting machines, plasma and laser cutting machines, metal cutting machines, metal sheet cutting machines and machining centers, shearing machines, hydraulic cutting machines, wire cutting machines, pipe cutting machines, etc;

Welding auxiliary equipment: welding equipment, tools, automatic operating machines, roller frames, wire feeders, welding machine accessories, etc

CNC equipment: CNC forming equipment, CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC rapid prototyping machine tools, CNC electrical machining equipment, product development and application software, as well as various functional components and supporting products, etc

Other: computer simulation technology, logistics handling technology, testing equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE technology, automation applications, etc; Mold materials, design and manufacturing technology; Logistics manufacturing and distribution technology; Manufacturing and application of auxiliary materials; Scientific research achievements, patents, and new technology applications; Research institutions, associations, media, organizations, etc

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