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Poor Forming Dimension for Stamping Parts


1. Material development length error in design

2. loose positioning

3. The angle deviation of hem affects the size

4. The R angle is too large (mold height, air cushion pressure, etc.) due to the material not being pressed to death, resulting in dimensional deviation

5. has been dislocated when punching

6. Loose or broken screw of folding block leads to dimensional instability

7. Position deviation of pre crimping line

8. Material deformation, poor flatness affect poor positioning

Improvement measures:

1. It can be trimmed by changing the cutting length of material or adding pre folded edge pressing line

2. adjust positioning

3. Adjust the folding angle to the specification

4. Adjust the mold height and air cushion pressure or spring to ensure that the material can be pressed to death

5. Adjust the punching and cutting of the front work station to ensure the correctness of the front workpiece

6. Replace the screw firmly, and then adjust the positioning

7. Adjust the position of pre folding line

8. Adjust material flatness

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