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Sandblasting is a common process of surface treatment for sheet metal parts. Using compressed air as the power, a high-speed jet beam is formed to spray materials (copper ore, quartz sand, diamond sand, iron sand, sea sand) at high speed onto the surface of the workpiece to be treated, causing changes in the appearance or shape of the workpiece surface.


There are multiple advantages of sandblasting:

Remove rust layer: The metal surface is prone to rust layer, which can make the metal surface uneven, rough, and even cause corrosion and damage to the metal material. Sandblasting can effectively remove rust and dirt on the metal surface by flushing it with high-speed sandblasting media, restoring a flat and smooth state to the metal surface.

Increase roughness: The roughness of the metal surface has a significant impact on the adhesion and anti-corrosion performance of the coating. Sandblasting can enhance the roughness of metal surfaces, making it easier for coatings to adhere to metal surfaces, and improving the adhesion and corrosion resistance of coatings.

Improving surface quality: Sandblasting can restore a flat and smooth metal surface, thereby improving surface quality and appearance. This is very important for certain special industrial and aesthetic needs, such as aviation, automotive, electronics, and other fields.

Increasing the service life of metal materials: Metal materials are often affected by various factors during use, such as mechanical wear, oxidation, corrosion, etc. By sandblasting, the service life of metal materials can be effectively extended, and the cost of maintenance and replacement can be reduced.

There are multiple advantages of sandblasting

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