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Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry

The sheet metal fabrication industry plays a crucial role in manufacturing, serving sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronics. It specializes in cutting, bending, and assembling metal sheets into diverse shapes and sizes, enabling the production of components and structures essential for various applications.

  • Electronic Industry
    Electronic parts can be very small in size but complicated in design. Shanghai Yixing is an expert in progressive die stamping which is mainly used in manufacturing electronic metal parts in high volume.
  • Automotive Industry
    Sheet metal parts are widely used in automotive industry. We have produced many kinds of precise stamping and deep drawing parts for volkswagen, Maserati, Ford etc.
  • Medical Device
    Shanghai Yixing has produced many sheet metal parts especially tube bending parts used in walker, patient lift, wheel chair and also stamping and bending parts for medical cabinets, medical shelves etc.
  • Furniture
    Sheet metal parts play a very important role in the furniture industry. The types of sheet metal parts used in furniture such as bed frames, cabinets, tables, and sofas are also diverse, including various processes such as cutting, welding, stamping, and bending.
  • Industrial Equipment
    In heavy machinery, cranes, excavators and other industrial machinery, sheet metal parts provide support and protection for the machine. For example, the bucket teeth of excavators, shovels, iron wheels of road rollers, and water tanks of sprinkler trucks are all manufactured from sheet metal parts.
  • Telecommunication
    The application of industrial equipment casings is ubiquitous, such as power electrical cabinets, distribution cabinets, control cabinets, network cabinets, computer cases, industrial control cases, and various sheet metal components.
  • Marine
    Marine industry has high requirement on the anti-corrosion property of material selection. Shanghai Yixing can use marine grade metal for boat lifts, docks and other offshore structural applications.
  • Agriculture Equipment
    Our sheet metal parts are widely used in agriculture machinery like sower, water pump, plow, disc plow, deep loosening machine, agricultural grader, cultivator etc.
  • Solar Energy
    Sheet metal is widely used in solar energy industry. Shanghai Yixing can provide high quality battery box, junction box, inverter housing, distribution box etc.
  • Food Industry
    We have produced many sheet metal parts (stamping parts, deep drawing parts and welding parts) for food industry like coffee machine, BBQ grill, Ice maker, refrigerator etc.
  • Construction
    Sheet metal is widely used in the field of construction, mainly in areas such as building decoration, roofs, walls, and doors and windows.
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