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China (Shanghai) International Metal Forming Exhibition

China (Shanghai) International Metal Forming Exhibition

MetalForm China

July 4th, 2024- July 7th, 2024

Opening and closing hours: 09:00-18:00

Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Hall: No. 333 Songze Avenue, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Holding cycle: 1 year, exhibition area: 30000m

Exhibitor count: 386 Visitors count: 14331 Hosted history: 9 sessions

Exhibition Details:

Industry: Metal processing

Organizer: China Forging and Pressing Association

Introduction to China (Shanghai) International Metal Forming Exhibition

The China International Metal Forming Exhibition (MetalForm China) was founded by the China Forging Association in 1990 at the Beijing Forging Exhibition and Metal Parts Expo, and merged with the Shanghai Stamping Exhibition and Sheet Metal Exhibition founded in 2004 in 2007 in Beijing. Among them, the Forging Exhibition is the only professional exhibition held separately in the world, with a high scale and level of display; Stamping and Sheet Metal Manufacturing Exhibition is one of the seven major professional exhibitions of its kind in the world, and the only national exhibition of stamping and sheet metal processing in China. 

According to the development needs of the industry and enterprises, MetalForm China will increase mold technology and application, connection and welding technology and application to meet the new development needs of forging, stamping, and sheet metal production enterprises in pursuit of high quality and extending the industrial chain. It is the fourth world-class metal sheet processing technology exhibition, following the European Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition (EUROBLECH), the American Sheet Metal Processing Exhibition (FABTECH), and the Italian Sheet Metal Processing Technology Exhibition (LAMIERA). 

MetalForm China is the only well-known brand professional exhibition in China that focuses on the forging, stamping, and sheet metal processing industries. It is the only professional event in China that can provide one-stop services for forging, stamping, and sheet metal production enterprises. The MetalForm China International Metal Forming Exhibition aims to clearly express the exhibition's service policy and meet the development needs of exhibitors and visitors. At this point, it covers various equipment and technologies required by the forging, stamping, and sheet metal manufacturing industries (equipment and component production industries), including raw material supply. It should be pointed out that in order to enhance the visibility of China's forging, stamping, and sheet metal manufacturing industries, we strive to organize the China International Forming Exhibition as a significant industry event, and it will become a symbol of industry importance and a symbol of industry significance.

Scope of China (Shanghai) International Metal Forming Exhibition

Mechanical presses: servo presses, high-speed precision automatic presses, open presses, closed presses, multi station presses, cold forging presses, hot forging presses, screw presses, etc

Hydraulic press: hydraulic servo press, precision punching press, trimming and mold testing press, forging hammer, extruder, etc

Sheet metal machinery: laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, water cutting machines, CNC punching machines, bending/shearing machines, pipe bending machines, rolling machines, etc

Special forming machinery: pipe forming machine, wire forming machine, rolling machine, spring machine, screw machine, incremental forming machine (die less CNC forming machine), wire drawing machine, powder metallurgy, electromagnetic forming machine, internal high-pressure forming, roller press, spinning machine, etc

Machine tool accessories: servo motors and control systems, coolers, motors, clutches, servo hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control systems, solenoid valves, etc

Automation devices: uncoiling, leveling, feeding, conveying, dropping, discharging, stacking devices, robot production lines, conveyors for handling, quick mold changing, material storage, transport carts, etc

Safety devices: light type safety devices, loading monitors, detection instruments, sensors, safety protection equipment, noise reduction and vibration isolation devices, filtering and dust removal devices, etc

Tools and molds: forging molds, stamping molds, sheet metal molds, tools and other various forming molds, etc

Surface treatment: shot blasting equipment, cleaning machine, oil coating, deburring machine, rust and corrosion prevention related equipment, spraying equipment, etc

Welding equipment: Automatic devices such as laser welding machines, high-frequency welding machines, electron beam welding machines, arc welding machines, gas welding machines, and welding robots

Design and manufacturing systems: CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping manufacturing, production management systems, factory/workshop intelligent handling systems, handling tools, etc

Heating and heat treatment: industrial furnaces, kilns and energy-saving technologies for forging and stamping production, burners, thermocouples, electric heating materials, insulation materials, etc

Formed components: forged, stamped, and sheet metal formed components

Raw materials: metal sheets, bars, pipes, profiles, wires, etc

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