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Food and Beverage Metal Fabrication

Food Industry Sheet Metal Parts

Precision sheet metal is widely used in the manufacturing process of food machinery. From the the metal body to the internal components, all rely on the support of precision sheet metal technology. By using precision sheet metal technology, manufacturers can achieve diverse body shape designs, providing more choices and a better user experience. At the same time, the high-precision cutting and bending process of precision sheet metal ensures the firmness and stability of the body structure, providing a guarantee for the safe operation of food machinery.

Food and Beverage Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal processing and manufacturing are required in various stages of food processing, such as boiler shells, other heating elements, and conveying systems. The high-precision die-cutting technology of precision sheet metal can ensure the accuracy and quality of products, while reducing production costs and waste.

Food machinery has high hygiene requirements, and sheet metal manufacturing can utilize the characteristics of various metal materials to choose metal materials that are harmless to the human body, have strong anti-corrosion ability, and have a very attractive appearance, such as SS304 and SS316 etc.

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Food Industry Metal Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

Shanghai Yixing, as a precision sheet metal fabrication factory in China, has deeply rooted in food machinery industry for more than 20 years. We have produced stamping shells for coffee machine, deep drawing body for drinking cup, bending and forming bracket for foodstuff dryer, stamping baking tray, deep drawing sink, BBQ oven, metal parts for potato machine etc.

Equipped with advanced manufacturing machines, experienced engineers, well trained workers, strict quality standards, Shanghai Yixing Technology can provide high-efficiency, high quality and cost effective solutions for any sheet metal projects for food industry. No matter it is rapid prototyping or high volume production, we always seek for consistent quality and on delivery time.

Food Industry Metal Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

How Yixing Technology Produce Food Industry Metal Parts

Shanghai Yixing Technology has produced deep drawing sinks for more than 10 years. Below is the process of how we make the deep drawing stainless steel sinks.

Food Industry Metal Parts

1. Cutting: Calculate the specifications of the stainless steel plate based on the specifications of the stainless steel sink, and then use a cutting machine to cut the corresponding specifications of stainless steel material.

2. Deep drawing: Generally, a larger tonnage hydraulic press (over 500T) is used to stretch the sheet metal with a mold. Before adding the sheet metal to the mold for deep drawing, a stretching oil treatment should be applied to the material to ensure smooth stretching and prevent material fracture or bulging due to excessive toughness. High difficulty right angle sinks must be formed and annealed before surface treatment.

3. Mold: The R angle of the deep drawing sink should not be too straight, usually bigger than φ 10. The structure should be reasonable.

4. Heat treatment: For a sink with a small R angle (close to a right angle), it is generally necessary to stretch it in several stages. After each stretch, it must be subjected to high-temperature annealing treatment, usually above 1200 degrees, to eliminate internal stress after stretching.

5. Edge cutting treatment: Cut the excess edge materials around into relatively regular shapes using a stamping die.

6. Sanding (polishing) treatment: Sanding treatment is applied to the inner groove of stainless steel to increase the surface smoothness and texture of the stainless steel.

7. Polishing treatment: High end sinks will be polished at the edges, especially at the four corners, and chamfered at four right angles to prevent injury and hand cutting.

8. Coating (usually smooth): In order to prevent corrosion and damage, high-end sinks usually have a layer of coating at the bottom. The material of the coating is generally waterproof coating k11 or JS.

Besides deep drawing sinks, we also make welding sinks and water tanks. Contact with us for cost analysis.

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