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Stamping Safety and Mold Protection Technology

Stamping is a production method that is highly prone to safety accidents. According to relevant information, the number of personal accidents occurring on punching machines is three times higher than that in the general mechanical industry. With the promulgation of the Labor Safety Law, many manufacturers have taken many safety protection measures to protect the safety of workers. However, most enterprises still use the manual operation method of directly assembling parts into the mold cavity by hand when using Stamping methods for production. In this situation, if the stamping equipment and molds do not have safety protection devices, it is extremely easy to cause personal safety accidents.

Analysis of Stamping Safety Accidents

Firstly, due to the operator's ignorance, disdain, lack of understanding, lack of experience or negligence, dissatisfaction, and other negative emotions towards the dangers and safe operation methods in stamping operations, large machine tools are generally operated by multiple people together. If they do not cooperate properly with each other, accidents are also prone to occur.

The reasons for stamping molds are directly related to the personal safety of operators, equipment safety, and the normal operation of stamping production. The molds may tilt, break, splash waste, or rebound workpieces or waste due to structural or wear reasons without preventive structural measures; The mold makes it convenient for fingers to enter the danger zone.

The objective reason for the occurrence of stamping safety accidents is that the clutch, brake, and safety device of the stamping equipment used for stamping are prone to failure, resulting in insufficient sensitivity and reliability of the clutch and brake, sudden loss of control of the electrical control structure, and continuous punching. The working nature of the punching machine exceeds the physiological limit of human reaction.

The reason for the 4 process technical documents is that the stamping process specification is a technical document that guides the production process of stamping parts. Most of the current stamping process specifications in enterprises do not clearly specify safety requirements and safety technical measures. Without specifying specific safety technical measures for the different characteristics of specific parts, safety management becomes mere formality.

The reasons for safety management include lax safety production rules and regulations, unclear process discipline, poor mold management, multiple hidden dangers of equipment accidents, unreasonable production organization, chaotic working environment, unsatisfactory labor conditions at the production site, uneven product stacking, blocked passages, poor safety management, low level of safety operation, violation of rules and regulations, and lack of emphasis on safety production. Injury accidents will continue to occur.

The above are the characteristics and causes of safety accidents that are prone to occur in the stamping process. How to prevent them: improving the quality of operators is an important link in safety production; Designing reasonable and safe stamping dies is a prerequisite for safe production; The correct use and maintenance of stamping equipment, as well as the addition of safety protection measures, are the foundation of safe production; Process technical documents are the basis for safety production.

Stamping Safety and Mold Protection Technology

The best solution now is an intelligent stamping visual recognition system

1. The intelligent stamping forming visual inspection instrument has an AI algorithm automatic collection and modeling function, which greatly facilitates machine adjustment and improves work efficiency. When establishing a standard comparison template, after activating the "AI" function, there is no need to stop. The system will automatically combine multiple slightly different but OK images based on the set relevant parameters to establish a visual standard model in terms of statistical matching, feature values, similarity, grayscale values, and other aspects; However, conventional monitors do not have this function. After each alarm shutdown, it is necessary to manually check the mold cavity to determine whether the image is OK, then choose to accumulate or cancel, and finally reset and start the punching machine. The operation is troublesome and affects production.

2. Intelligent software algorithms are truly deep learning algorithms that can accumulate N standard images (the number of images can be arbitrarily set) and integrate them into a model. This algorithm significantly reduces the false alarm rate for metal stamping forming detection and ensures detection speed. Conventional visual recognition can only perform simple image comparison and cannot integrate multiple accumulated standard images into a single model. This algorithm limits the types and efficiency of product detection, and is prone to false alarms or missed detections, seriously affecting production speed and efficiency.

3. It can accurately monitor the abnormal situation of the upper and lower molds of the punching machine in milliseconds and timely alarm and control the stop to avoid pressing the mold. Conventional monitors can only monitor the lower mold.

4. The autofocus function finds the optimal focal length parameter through computer calculation. The conventional solution can only manually adjust the focal length, making it easy to operate and the adjustment speed is fast.

5. The intelligent stamping forming visual detector can provide the function of remotely viewing the monitoring situation of the monitor. Through the mobile app developed by our company, users can remotely and in real-time view the shutdown and startup records, operation records, alarm records, NG images, and monitoring statistics of each monitor. Facilitate the tracking and management of monitor usage by company management.

Stamping Safety and Mold Protection Technology

Real time online detection of any abnormalities on the surface of the mold during the production process to prevent mold compression and injury, in order to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The main tests are as follows:

1. Check if there are any residues, punches, or products (including hand entering the work area) left inside the upper and lower molds (moving and fixed molds);

2. Check whether the material strip of the continuous stamping mold is delivered in place;

3. Check for any missed punching holes;

4. Other mold abnormalities

Suitable for scenarios: single punch, continuous mold, multi station robotic arm mold

Stamping Safety and Mold Protection Technology

At present, it has been widely used by many stamping and injection molding manufacturers in the automotive and home appliance industry, such as BYD, Great Wall Motors, Foxconn, and Martian kitchenware.

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