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Stainless Steel Trolley Frame

  • Material: SS201 SS304

  • Surface: Brushed

  • Customized Size

  • Main Process: bending and welding

  • Tolerance: ±0.5mm

Welding and bending processing of thick stainless steel trolley frame bracket

What are the key points and precautions for stainless steel MIG welding?

1. Using flat polarity welding power supply, using reverse polarity (welding wire connected to positive electrode) for DC

2. Generally, pure argon gas (purity of 99.99%) or Ar+2% O2 is used, with a flow rate of 20-25L/min.

3.  The arc length for MIG welding of stainless steel is generally carried out under the condition of spray transition, and the voltage should be adjusted to the arc length of 4-6 mm.

4. Windproof. MIG welding is susceptible to the influence of wind, sometimes resulting in air holes due to gentle winds. Therefore, windproof measures should be taken in areas with wind speeds above 0.5m/sec.

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