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Electrical Socket Contector

  • Product Item: M-23

  • Material: Copper/Bronze

  • Surface: tin-plating/siliver plating

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.05mm

electrical socket contector

Description of Electrical Socket Contector

The terminals are stamped from a continuous strip of material with the use of precision, progressive dies, and then post-plated to provide optimum solderability and corrosion resistance. PCB tab terminals are then reeled ready for machine insertion. They are designed for the automotive, electrical, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

Our equipment cover ranges from 15-ton to 100-ton presses. This diversity of equipment ensures we will always have the perfect press for your particular global application.

The capabilities and variety of our metal Stamping presses, our expertise in tooling design and engineering, coupled with continuous improvements in manufacturing driven through 5S quality standards, ensure competitive pricing and shorter lead times within our global manufacturing footprint.

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