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Stamping Cover

  • Product Item: M-25

  • Material: CRS/Galvanized sheet

  • Surface: Zinc plated/Painting

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.05mm

stamping cover

Description of Stamping Cover

A provider for automotive suppliers for nearly 10 years, Yixing Technology understands that your needs extend beyond manufacturing.

Our Stamping facility is fully 5S quality control, and we apply a disciplined Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) approach based on the regimented demands of the automotive parts industry.

High quality mold.

In the precision metal Stamping field, the mold must usually be designed without cavities that might restrict the removal of the piece: in particular, undercuts are to be avoided, that is, angles of 90° or more, which in fact make the printed indivisible element from the mold.

To get the high-precision mold, The active parts of the mold are used as electrical discharge machines (wire or tuff), lathes, and grinders.

The stamp of a mold must pay particular attention to the draft angles: since the creation of the walls perfectly in axis with the extraction movement could give problems in the removal of the finished parts, the walls should never be designed vertically but must have a slight angle (1 or 2 degrees) to the outside. To exemplify, a cylinder should be converted into a truncated cone in order to be extracted without problems.

Proven Track Record

Yixing Technology can provide tolerances — as tight as +/-.001” (.025 mm) for stamping and high-speed, large volume production capabilities, allowing us to process orders over 150 million pieces a year.

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