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Steel Hand Cart

  • Material: Q235 Q345

  • Surface: powder coating

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.02inch

  • Main process: tube bending and welding

cargo handling vehicles, logistics transportation, folding carts, square tube carts, silent flatbed carts

Why is CO2 welding more efficient than electrode arc welding?

① CO2 welding has a melting rate and melting coefficient 1-3 times higher than electrode arc welding;

② The groove section is reduced by 50% compared to the welding rod, and the amount of deposited metal is reduced by 1/2;

③ The auxiliary time is 50% of that of electrode arc welding.

Total of three items: The efficiency of CO2 welding is improved by 2.02-3.88 times compared to electrode arc welding

Why is the quality of CO2 welded joints better than that of electrode arc welding joints?

CO2 welding seam has a small heat affected zone and small welding deformation;

CO2 welding seam has a low hydrogen content (≤ 1.6ML/100g), with small porosity and crack tendency;

CO2 welding seam has good formation, fewer surface and internal defects, and higher qualification rate for flaw detection than welding rod arc welding.

Why is CO2 welding more cost-effective than electrode arc welding?

① The cross-sectional area of the groove is reduced by 36-54%, saving the amount of filling metal;

② Reduce power consumption by 65.4%;

③ The equipment shift cost is reduced by 67-80% compared to welding rod arc welding, and the cost is reduced by 20-40%

④ Reduce labor and labor costs, and reduce costs by 10-16%;

⑤ Save auxiliary working hours, auxiliary material consumption, and deformation correction costs.

Comprehensive five items CO2 welding can reduce the total welding cost by 39.6-78.74%, with an average reduction of 59%.

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