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Steel Cart

  • Material: Q235

  • Surface: powder coating

  • Customized Size

  • Main Process: pipe bending and welding

  • Tolerance: ±0.5mm

warehouses, cargo handling vehicles, logistics transportation, folding carts, square tube carts, silent flatbed carts

How to Deal With Pipe Welding Deformation

For the treatment of pipe welding deformation, the following common methods can be adopted:

1. Structural adjustment method: The applicability of this method depends on the degree of pipeline deformation. It involves adjusting the position of the weld seam or changing the welding sequence to achieve the effect of eliminating deformation.

2. Mechanical extrusion method: This method requires the use of professional mechanical equipment and technicians to apply appropriate extrusion force and angle to the pipeline to avoid damage and eliminate deformation.

3. Heating plasticity method: By heating, the deformed part of the pipeline rebounds and returns to its original shape. This requires precise control by technical personnel to ensure that it does not cause new deformation or damage.

4. Cooling and tempering method: This is a method of using the thermal effect of temperature difference to treat pipeline deformation, but it is not suitable for situations with large areas or severe deformation.

5. Flame method: Use flame to heat and weld the opposite side of the branch pipe, and correct it through a triangular heating area. This method requires attention to protecting the pipe wall from being flattened during the pressure application process, and may require multiple repeated operations.

6. Heat treatment: For slight deformation of welded pipes, heat treatment methods such as local heating and controlled cooling can be used to help restore the original state of the welded pipes.

7. Cooling treatment: Place the welded pipe in water or air for rapid cooling to restore its original shape.

8. Mechanical treatment: restore the pipe to its original state through methods such as pressure or stretching.

9. Heat treatment: including tempering, annealing, normalizing and other heat treatment methods to restore the shape of the pipe.

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