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Aluminum Pipe Bending

  • Material: SS304 /SS316 / Carbon steel

  • Surface: polish/painting/powder coating

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.2mm

Tube bending and welding, cart handle, pipe bending

How Can Aluminum Pipes be Bent Without Deformation

To ensure that aluminum pipes do not undergo significant deformation during bending, the following methods can be used:

1. Manual bending: During manual bending, measures should be taken to ensure even force distribution and reduce the uneven distribution of internal and external pressure. By controlling the bending angle and radius, bending accuracy can be improved.

Low temperature heating: Before bending the aluminum tube, heat it to about 80-100 ° C, which can reduce the pressure difference between the inner and outer sides and help reduce deformation.

2. Switching bending angles: During continuous bending, avoid repeated bending at the same position to avoid increasing pressure difference.

3. Control bending speed: During bending, a certain speed should be maintained, usually recommended between 5-10 times per minute, in order to evenly distribute force and reduce deformation.

4. Reduce errors: Before bending, carefully check the quality of the aluminum tube and the accuracy and stability of the bending tool to reduce deformation caused by errors.

5. Cold bending or hot bending: Choose the appropriate bending method, such as cold bending for small angle bending and hot bending for large angle bending.

6. Hydraulic bending method: When using hydraulic equipment for bending, attention should be paid to controlling the magnitude and direction of the applied force to avoid excessive force causing material fracture.

7. Internal sand filling: Fill the pipe with sand before bending, which can to some extent limit deformation, but this method is less efficient.

8. Use a new type of coreless pipe bending machine: This machine can directly bend aluminum pipes, with high efficiency and small deformation rate.

9. Adjusting the bending radius: Pay attention to the bending radius when adjusting the bending machine. A radius that is too small may cause deformation, while a radius that is too large may affect accuracy.

10. Mechanical arm position adjustment: Adjust the mechanical arm position according to the size of the aluminum material to avoid deformation of the aluminum material 

during bending.

11. Adjusting pressure: Adjust the pressure appropriately during the bending process, neither too high nor too low.

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