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Metal Cylinders Welding

  • Material: SS304 SS316

  • Surface: polishing

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.2mm

  • Main Process: deep drawing and welding

Stainless steel deep drawing, cylinder welding

1. What is an arc?

The phenomenon of strong and persistent gas discharge between the two poles, supplied by a welding power source, is called electricity: ① It can be divided into AC arc, DC arc, and pulse arc according to the type of current. ② According to the state of the arc, it can be divided into: free arc and compressed arc (such as plasma arc) According to electrode materials, it can be divided into melting electrode arc and non melting electrode arc.

2. What is a base material?

The metal being welded is called the base metal.

3.What is a droplet?

The liquid metal droplets that melt at the tip of the welding wire and transition to the molten pool after being heated are called droplets.

4. What is a melt pool?

The liquid metal part with a certain geometric shape formed on the welded part during fusion welding is called a melt pool.

5. What is a weld seam?

The joint formed in the welded part after welding.

6. What is weld metal?

The part of metal formed by the solidification of melted base metal and filler metal (welding wire, welding rod, etc.).

7. What is protective gas?

Gas used in welding to protect metal droplets and molten pools from external harmful gases (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) intrusion - protective gas.

8. What is welding technology?

The general term for various welding methods, welding materials, welding processes, welding equipment, and their basic theories is called welding technology.

9. What is welding process? What is its content?

A complete set of process procedures and technical regulations during the welding process. The content includes: welding methods, pre welding preparation, assembly, welding materials, welding equipment, welding sequence, welding operations, welding process parameters, and post welding treatment, etc.

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