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Thick Plate Stamping

  • Product Item: s-10

  • Material: carbon steel

  • Surface Treatment: hot galvanized/powder coating/blackening

  • Thickness: 2-10mm

  • tolerence: ±0.1mm

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Description of Thick Plate Stamping

Analyzing the thickness of the sheet metal, the national standard refers to sheets below 4mm as thin plates, and sheets no less than 4mm as thick plates. Compared to thin plates, thick plates have many different characteristics in Stamping processing technology. Whether a part is suitable for Stamping processing depends on whether the structural shape, dimensional accuracy, and material of the part have a certain degree of stamping processability. The thickness of sheet metal is an important factor in the processability of stamping parts, which is the main basis for arranging the process and selecting stamping equipment. In addition, the thickness of the processed parts and the production batch of the parts are also important criteria for selecting mold types and designing mold structures. Facing different types and structures of molds, the key points of operation also vary.

Firstly, an economical, reasonable, and practical punching die should be designed based on specific requirements such as part shape, size, accuracy, and production batch size; Secondly, in order to ensure the processing quality of punched parts, operators should also operate correctly based on the processing characteristics of the designed and manufactured molds. This is not only necessary for the processing and production of punched parts, but also for the safety of operators themselves, punching molds, and stamping equipment.

Although there are many types of punching molds, punching parts with different shapes, sizes, accuracy, and production batches often must be used in conjunction with their matching punching molds. To achieve this, it is necessary to produce qualified low-cost stamping parts.

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