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Sheet Metal Stamping Brass Electrical Terminal

  • Product Item: S-7

  • Material: brass

  • Surface Treatment: nickel plating

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

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Description of Sheet Metal Stamping Brass Electrical Terminal

Characteristics and Application of Progressive Die

Progressive die refers to a cold Stamping die in which a press machine uses strip sheet metal Stamping raw materials to complete multiple stamping processes simultaneously on a set of molds using several different workstations during a single stamping stroke. The mold completes each stamping process and the strip moves at a fixed distance until the product is completed.

Characteristics of Progressive Die

(1) A progressive die can complete multiple processes such as punching, Bending, forming, and deep drawing. The press can punch one workpiece or several pieces per stroke, thus having higher labor productivity than compound die.

(2) The use of progressive die stamping can reduce the number of equipment, molds, and workshop area, saving the transportation and storage of semi-finished products.

(3) The progressive mold uses coil or strip materials, and it is easy to achieve automation in feeding, discharging, and stacking. During the stamping process of automated progressive molds, workers do not need to enter hazardous areas, ensuring safe operation.

(4) The various processes of the progressive mold are dispersed in various workstations, and there is no problem with the "minimum wall thickness" of the compound mold, so the mold has higher strength and longer lifespan.

(5) The progressive mold has complex structure, high manufacturing accuracy, long cycle, high cost, and difficult maintenance.

(6) Due to the fact that each process is completed at different workstations, the accumulated positioning error will affect the accuracy of the workpiece, so the accuracy of the workpiece produced by the progressive mold is not high.

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