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Silicon Steel Sheet

  • Product Item: c-9

  • Material: silicon steel

  • Mold: progressive die

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

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Application of Silicon Steel Sheet

We all know that silicon steel sheets are used in motors or transformers, but is it well-known in the industry where silicon steel sheets are used?

Astronomy and aviation: 

In the fields of astronomy and aviation, the components of the "Shenzhou VI" launched by China use silicon steel sheets. However, the manufacturing accuracy and specifications of this type of silicon steel sheet are customized, which is very different from the silicon steel sheets we commonly use. After all, aerospace engineering cannot be careless, and its various standard requirements are very high.

Electronic equipment: 

Applied to electronic equipment, small electronic equipment motors require silicon steel sheets for production, and some other components require silicon steel sheets for production.

Large-scale production machinery and equipment: 

Applied to various large-scale production machinery and equipment. For example, motors used in air compressors, air pressure pumps, etc. have the presence of silicon steel sheets, and the requirements for silicon steel sheets are cold rolled silicon steel sheets, which can help mechanical equipment better play its role.

Small household appliance: 

Applied in small household appliances, some small household appliances such as refrigerators used in our daily lives can see the presence of silicon steel sheets.

There are still many application industries for silicon steel sheets, and we won't explain them one by one today. Different industries have different requirements for silicon steel sheets. Therefore, when choosing silicon steel sheets, we should choose them based on the specific requirements of our industry, comprehensively consider various factors of silicon steel sheets, and choose silicon steel sheets that meet our actual situation. There is more fresh information about silicon steel sheets, and we will update them regularly~

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