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Deep Drawing Lock Plate

  • Product Item: A-21

  • Material: stainless steel

  • Surface: powder coating/painting etc

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

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What is Deep Drawing?

1. Deep drawing is the process of converting blank of sheet metal into a cylindrical containers with a flat or hemispherical base.

2. It is combination of metal forming process & sheet metal process.

3. If the ratio of height to diameter of the product is greater than 0.5 then this drawing operation is known as deep drawing.

4. It basically consists of die, punch, blank holders.

5. After the application of drawing force, the blank of material forms & takes shape of the punch or shape made onto the punch. To avoid frictional resistance between blank & die, the lubricant is used.

6. The applications of deep drawing process are kitchen utensils, cylindrical containers, fire extinguishers etc.

Deep Drawing Defects

The defects occurs in material of blank are as follows

1. Shearing: It is the shearing failure of blank material at corners of die and at corners of punch. It occurs when the stresses in blank material overcomes ultimate stresses.

2. Wrinkling / Earing: When the blank holding force is less than optimum holding force then it will results in wrinkling of collar of product.

Advantages of Deep Drawing Process

1. It is quick operation.

2. Skilled operators are not required.

3. It is simple process.

4. It requires less setup cost.

Applications of Deep Drawing Process

1. Kitchen utensils

2. Cylindrical & hemispherical shaped containers.

3. Fire extinguishers cylinders.

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