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Steel Angle 80x80x5 Cold Bending

  • Product Item: PR-1

  • Material: aluminum/carbonsteel/stainless steel

  • Thickness: 4-8mm

  • Surface treatment: galvanization

  • antirust, pass the salty test

steel angle 80x80x5 cold bending

Description of Steel Angle 80x80x5 Cold Bending

The most straightforward technique for bending channels is known as the “flanges out” method. Conversely, the “flanges in” method may present difficulties, especially when dealing with taller flanges. Among the most intricate bending techniques is “the hard way” bending. This method is particularly challenging for bending structural shapes without causing any distortion, assuming all other conditions are identical. In evaluating the quality of steel channels bent “the hard way,” it is essential to check that the flanges are perfectly aligned, there is no buckling in the web, and the bending radius is precise.

Our team of highly experienced operators excels in bending channels in any direction, focusing on bending the most complex sections into the sharpest radii with minimal to no distortion. Our expertise extends to bending both steel and aluminum channels with high precision. Additionally, we offer bending services for channels in off-axis, helical shapes, with multiple radii, and across two planes.

Annually, we produce a significant number of rolled angle rings or angle flanges, which are typically welded and punched with bolt holes. We are equipped to punch holes of standard sizes and bolt circles, or tailor them according to your specific requirements. Our capabilities include punching holes in rolled angles bent in any direction and on both legs of the angle. Furthermore, we offer options for galvanizing or plating rolled angle rings.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art, automated machinery, we are capable of producing these components at competitive prices, ensuring exceptional quality, and delivering them with rapid turnaround times—often within a single day for most orders.

Angle Bending Applications

  • Angles are bent into rings to create angle flanges, fan housings, tank supports, ladle lips, etc.

  • In structural applications, angles are often used back-to-back to support roofs.

  • Angle steel segments are used in steering mechanisms for farm equipment.

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