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Stamping Compound Mold, Press Auto Line

  • Product Item: s-6

  • Mold material: DC53

  • Mold cavity: 1

  • Customized Size

  • Mold life: 1000000 PCS

stamping compound mold, press auto line, Automatic manipulator stamping

Description of Stamping Compound Mold, Press Auto Line

Usually what we call the Stamping automation production line, consists of a decompiler, a straightener, a feeder, a press machine, a mold, and a Stamping manipulator.

When we design the mold, we need to consider the stamping steps, the press machine, and the area of the production workshop.

The production operation mode under this scheme effectively improves the automation level and production efficiency of the stamping process and batch production can use this production mode.

The independent press control system and the manipulator control system are seamlessly connected, so that the action of the manipulator and the press are optimally coordinated, and the field bus is utilized to maximize the efficiency of the entire production line as well as higher safety.

The stamping manipulator is more flexible, has no equal height requirements for the mold, and is easy to integrate.


1. Specialized in Automotive mold for more than 10 years.

2. High quality & competitive price & professional skills.

3. 5s quality control.

4. Fast and on-time delivery.

Offered Service:

1. Mold progress report and tooling schedule will be provided weekly.

2. The first testing sample for the buyer's inspection and work-out improvement requirements will be provided.

3. Mold testing video, 2D part drawing, and 3D mold design before shipment will be provided.

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