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Stainless Steel Safety Guardrail

  • Product Item: c-9

  • Material: Carbon steel/Aluminum/Stainless Steel

  • Surface: powder coating/painting/electrophoretic paint

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.1mm

stainless steel bending and welding, Safety guardrail, coated carbon steel guardrail

Description of Stainless Steel Safety Guardrail

In the past, the material for Bending pipes was mostly iron, but with the continuous development of technology, the materials for Bending pipes began to diversify. The stainless steel Stamping and bending process began using polygonal or double-sided fan-shaped shell welding to apply internal pressure. Under the action of internal pressure, the cross-section of the bent pipe gradually changes from a polygon to a circular shell.

Stainless steel stamped elbows are suitable for pipeline systems such as oil, natural gas, chemical, water and electricity, construction, and steam tanks. It does not require steel billets as it can be used as a low-cost pipe manufacturing equipment and mold to obtain large-diameter thin-walled carbon steel bends. It can greatly reduce production management costs by shortening the production cycle, as it does not require any special equipment, especially large steel bending components. The blank is smooth, expandable, easy to cut, accurate, and easy to manage, and the assembly and welding process is convenient.

If the same stainless steel Stamping elbow is used for welding, it should be preheated to above 300 ℃, and slowly cooled at around 700 ℃ after welding. To avoid excessive welding current, the welding current should not be too large, and about 20% of small carbon steel arcs should not be too long. The middle layer cools quickly, and the hardness after welding is high, which is prone to cracking.

Stainless steel stamping elbow electrodes should be selected, and welding stainless steel stamping elbows through repeated heating of carbide precipitation will reduce the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of stainless steel stamping elbows. Chromium nickel stainless steel welding rods should be used for heat treatment of parts that are not suitable for welding. The stainless steel stamped tube curved electrode has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and is widely used in industries such as chemical, fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery, etc.

Stainless steel stamped bent pipes have advantages such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and wear resistance, and are widely used in equipment such as power plants, chemicals, and petroleum. However, their weldability is poor. Before heat treatment, attention should be paid to the welding process and appropriate electrodes. Bending processing is basically formed by high-temperature bending deformation.

The material cost of the bend is higher than the complete austenitizing temperature, and the main compressive stress on the inner wall of the bend is less than the yield strength limit of the material at this environmental temperature. The higher the austenitizing temperature, the higher the heating temperature of the material, and the higher the yield limit. When determining the initial forging temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the bend does not overheat during the heating process as much as possible to avoid overheating.

The heating temperature of the bent pipe should not exceed 1050 ℃ as much as possible, which mainly depends on factors such as the material, pressure, and stress direction of the pipeline. The heating temperature range basically depends on the material of the pipeline. As long as it does not exceed or be less than a certain range, a basically curved pipeline is ideal.

The stiffness of the bent pipe ring is actually an important indicator of resistance to external environmental pressure in the network. The load pressure of the inner cylinder and external pressure are usually the main influencing factors for the failure of the enterprise pipeline system. The failure data form is excessive deformation and fracture caused by the tensile stress of the pipe wall. External pressure load is considered in the design verification calculation, and the structure is modified if necessary. In the design, wall thickness and other materials and structures are selected based on the design calculation of internal pressure loads.

In fact, the ring stiffness of a bent pipe is not constant, and the pressure pipeline is the same, but it has different ring stiffness, larger bending diameter, and weaker ring stiffness. In this case, temperature changes will also be affected. As the weather temperature decreases, the hardness of the pipeline will increase, and the hardness of the bending will increase.

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