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Stamping Metal Cabinet Cover

  • Product Item: H-5

  • Material: Zinc plated steel

  • Surface: Zinc plated/Painting

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

punching and stamping metal cabinet cover, fabricate IP grade box, stamping furniture accessory parts, fabricate kitchen parts, industrial parts

Description of Stamping Metal Cabinet Cover

Yixing Technology provides many different styles and shapes of electronics enclosures

  • From a Custom Design provided by our customer, per the customer’s specifications

  • The sheet metal that is stamped as a flat blank layout, then press brake formed into the shape

  • PEM Nuts, Studs, and Nuts can be either press fit or welded (resistance welded or Mig or Tig) into position in each panel

  • Tooling Cost only about $500.

  • Volume From 50-piece orders to 500000 pieces per orde

Sheet Metal Fabrication
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