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SS304 SS316 Stainless Steel Motorcycle Bumper

  • Material: SS304 SS316

  • Surface: Brushed

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.2mm

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The Widespread Use of "bend pipes" in Production and Daily Life

With the continuous development of modern production systems, "bend pipes" are constantly appearing in people's lives:

1. Various guardrails and sharp corners at the corners of handrails have gradually been eliminated, replaced by full arcs. This not only improves aesthetics, but more importantly, greatly enhances safety performance.

2. In various pipelines, it is inevitable to use various bends, such as ship pipelines, automotive oil pipes, locomotive transmission systems, and various pipelines in aerospace. Compared to other types of bends, curved pipes have many advantages. Firstly, various materials flow smoothly at the curved pipe, and the impact force on the pipe wall is small and uniform; Secondly, the curved pipe itself has low stress concentration, high strength, and strong impact resistance.

3. With the rise of modern steel furniture, office chairs, beach chairs, cars, shopping carts, strollers, cribs, computer desks, and more, several metal pipes form several bright lines, which are practical, convenient, safe, and reliable; The air conditioning refrigeration pipes are mostly bent pipes, small U-shaped pipes, return bends, and so on.

4. The air conditioning refrigeration pipes are mostly bent pipes, small U-shaped pipes, return bends, and so on

5. There are more and more curved pipes in the bathroom industry, such as faucets, towel racks, and S-shaped fittings

6. On transportation vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, electric vehicles, bicycles, etc., the handlebars, bumpers, frames, etc

7. Fitness equipment, lighting, construction machinery and other industries

The "bend pipe" product has brought us beauty, comfort, practicality, convenience, safety, and reliability, improving our living standards. So, how are so many bent pipe products produced? Is its production process complex?

In fact, most curved pipes with various diameters and angles are produced using various manual or mechanical pipe bending machines. Of course, the requirements and focus of pipe bending vary depending on which accessory is used in which industry. This involves "pipe bending machines" and "pipe bending processes".

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