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Deep Drawing Mold For A Pot

  • Product Item: s-1

  • Mold material: DC53

  • Mold cavity: 1

  • Customized Size

  • Mold life: 1000000 PCS

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Description of Deep Drawing Mold For A Pot

Designing to Prevent Defects
In deep drawing, many defects can be avoided with careful part design. Design strategies include:
1. Reducing complexity and asymmetry
2. Planning blank geometry to minimize excess material
3. Adjusting grain orientation to minimize stresses in asymmetric designs
4. Using CAD and finite element modeling to optimize progression and tooling
5. designs before manufacturing tools. Simulations can save significant
6. labor and tool costs by avoiding expensive trial-and-error process
7. revisions.

Successful Deep drawing requires an awareness of ductility and metal flow principles. Thicker materials can tolerate deep drawing better than thin materials because of their volume and ability to stretch over greater distances; however, blanks that are too large can restrict metal flow.

Most deep drawing defects are the result of one or more of the following factors:
1. Improper force distribution
2. Failure to consider blank material properties
3. An incorrect draw ratio
4. Incorrect management of friction

Our Advantage
1. More parts have been made.
2. Ten years of mold developing experience. According to your design, Using CAD, and SOLIDWORKS software, prepare the mold design for you.
3. Quick feedback. Mold developing period is about 25-45days
4. 5S quality control. Customized measuring tooling for each product Excellent process management, strict quality standard

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