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Stainless Steel Cart

  • Material: SS201 SS304

  • Surface: polish/brush

  • Customized Size

  • Main Process: tube bending and welding

  • Tolerance: ±0.5mm

Three story food collection cart, small handcart, bowl collection cart, food delivery cart, restaurant mobile collection tool, service cart

Common Pipe Bending Methods

1. Manual bending method

Manual bending method is one of the common pipe bending methods, which is mainly suitable for small projects or situations where machine bending is not possible. This method requires workers to use manual tools or simple pipe bending machines to bend the pipe. The advantages of manual bending method are low cost and easy operation, but the disadvantage is that it cannot accurately bend complex shapes, and it may also cause problems such as pipe deformation and cracks.

2. Machine bending method

Machine bending method is the use of machines for pipe processing, which can achieve high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-quality bending. There are three main types of machine bending methods: hydraulic press bending method, rolling pipe bending machine bending method, and automatic bending machine bending method. The hydraulic press bending method is suitable for mass production of pipes with relatively simple curve shapes, and it can achieve precise bending angle and length control; The bending rule of the rolling pipe bending machine is suitable for pipes with complex arc shapes. It can ensure that the shape of the pipe does not deform during bending, but requires professional operating skills; Automatic bending machines can efficiently complete a large number of pipe bending tasks in a short period of time, but require a significant investment of funds.

3. Heat treatment bending method

Heat treatment bending method is a method of heating a pipe at a certain temperature, deforming it through external force, and completing the bending process. The heat treatment bending method can achieve bending accuracy and shape while also avoiding the problems of pipe deformation and cracks. However, in order to achieve precision in the heat treatment process, it is necessary to control the heating temperature and time, as well as carry out complex debugging.

In summary, there are many methods for bending pipes, and each method has its own scope of application and advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to choose the most suitable method based on specific processes and actual needs before bending pipes.

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