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Flange Welding

  • Material: SS304 SS316

  • Surface: none

  • Customized Size

  • Main Process: machining and welding

  • Tolerance: ±0.5mm

Metal welding parts, welding processing, large frame welding, aluminum brazing, welding processing, structural parts welding processing

What are welding process parameters?

The general term for various physical quantities selected to ensure welding quality during welding, such as welding current, arc voltage, welding speed, line energy, etc.

What is welding current?

During welding, the current flowing through the welding circuit is generally expressed in amperes (A).

What is arc voltage?

Answer: The voltage drop between the two electrodes of the arc is generally expressed in volts (V).

What is welding speed?

The length of the completed weld seam per unit time is generally expressed in centimeters per minute (cm/min).

What is dry elongation?

The distance between the end of the welding wire and the end of the conductive nozzle during welding.

What is welding wire energy?

During fusion welding, the energy input from the welding heat source to the unit length of the weld seam, also known as "heat input". Generally expressed in joules per centimeter (J/cm).

What is the fusion ratio of weld metal?

The proportion of the melted base metal in the weld metal during fusion welding.

What is the weld shape coefficient?

Answer: During fusion welding, the ratio of weld width to weld thickness on a single weld cross-section.

What is left welding method?

During fusion welding, the welding gun moves from the right end of the weld seam to the left end. The gas protection effect is good, and the weld formation is beautiful. Both Co2 and TIG welding use left-handed welding method: MIG welding of aluminum must use left-handed welding method.

What is the right welding method?

During fusion welding, the welding gun moves from the left end to the right end of the weld seam.

Why is it said that welded joints are weak links in welded structures?

Due to the uneven structure and properties of welded joints, there are often some welding defects and high tensile residual stress; So welding joints are the weak link in welding structures.

Why is it said that high-quality welded joints can be obtained through process methods?

To improve the quality of welded joints, the following approaches can be taken: selecting welding materials correctly, adopting reasonable welding process methods, controlling fusion ratio, adjusting welding thermal cycle characteristics, using reasonable operating methods and groove design, supplemented by preheating, interlayer insulation, slow cooling, post heating and other measures, or post weld heat treatment methods, etc., to obtain high-quality welded joints.

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