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Stamping Support

  • Product Item: M-25

  • Material: Carbon steel/Aluminum/Stainless Steel

  • Surface Treatment: powder coating/anodization/zinc plating

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

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Characteristics of Sheet Metal Stamping Process

① Pressed products have good quality, such as smooth surface, high precision, relatively stable, and good interchangeability; Light weight, good rigidity, and high strength; The Stamping process can also process workpieces that are difficult to process by other processing methods, such as thin shell parts, workpieces with flanges, undulations, and reinforcing ribs. The dimensional accuracy of cold stamped parts is guaranteed by the mold, so the dimensional stability and interchangeability are good.

② Stamped products do not require or only require a small amount of cutting, resulting in high material utilization and low material costs for the workpiece.

③ High production efficiency, simple operation, and easy to achieve mechanization and automation. Equipped with advanced production lines, it can achieve fully automatic mechanized operations such as feeding, stamping, picking up parts, and waste removal, with low labor intensity.

④ The molds used for pressing are generally complex in structure, with longer production cycles and higher costs. Therefore, stamping processes are mostly used for batch and mass production, while single piece and small batch production are subject to certain restrictions.

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