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Stamping Furniture Accessory Parts

  • Product Item: H-5

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Surface: Anodization

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

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Description of Stamping Furniture Accessory Parts

Metal forms from Yixing Technology metal factory have continuous edges, no nibble marks, and die-controlled dimensions, and all the burrs are on the same side of the part. We have experience Stamping furniture parts from cold rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and more!

Our experienced team and industry-leading equipment allow us to provide metal Stampings with blanked dimensions +/-.005″ on the shear side of the part and formed dimensions +/-.010 inside a bend. We specialize in product start-ups, legacy products, and low to medium-volume product lines.

You can trust that we’ll provide the highest quality furniture parts available because our management system is based on 5S quality control system.

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