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Brass Laser Cutting

  • Material: carbon steel /stainless steel /aluminum /copper /galvanized sheet available

  • Thickness: 0.5-25mm

  • Tolerance: 0.2mm

  • Manufacturing process: laser cutting

  • Surface treatment: powder coating/painting /anodization /sandblasting /zinc coating etc available

  • Application field: electronic /automotive /furniture /solar energy /construction etc.

Laser Cutting: Overview of Principles, Technology and Applications

Laser cutting is a processing method that uses high-power density laser as the heat source, and through computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, according to the designed cutting trajectory, the processed workpiece is melted, evaporated, or decomposed on the surface under the irradiation of the laser beam to form a cut. Laser cutting is widely used in manufacturing fields such as automobiles, household appliances, and electronic products.

Laser cutting equipment is generally divided into three categories: laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, and laser engraving machines.

1. Laser cutting machine is a processing method that uses a high-power density laser beam to irradiate a workpiece, causing the surface of the irradiated workpiece to quickly melt or vaporize, and vaporize at a very high speed, thereby forming a cut.

2. Laser marking machine is a method of using a laser beam to locally irradiate materials, causing melting or evaporation on the surface of the material, and thus marking the material surface for a long time

Laser cutting can be divided into two types according to its cutting methods: non-contact and contact.

Non contact laser cutting machines mainly use laser beams to cut workpieces, rather than producing high-temperature molten materials like plasma arcs. It is mainly used in the field of sheet metal cutting, such as cutting sheets, pipes, and profiles; The contact laser cutting machine mainly uses a laser beam to heat the workpiece, causing it to melt locally, and then blows it away through a nozzle to form a cut.

Laser cutting is mainly used for metal sheets, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and titanium alloys. Among the above-mentioned metal materials, stainless steel and carbon steel are currently widely used, among which the processing technology of stainless steel is a key aspect in the entire laser cutting industry.

With the advancement of technology and the increase of market demand, laser cutting technology is developing towards smaller, thinner, and more precise directions. Currently, laser cutting has been widely used in fields such as automotive manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, and electronic component manufacturing, becoming one of the important means for domestic and foreign manufacturing industries to transform and upgrade.

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