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Support Stamping and Bending

  • Material: carbon steel /stainless steel /aluminum /copper /galvanized sheet available

  • Thickness: 2mm

  • Tolerance: ±0.2mm

  • Manufacturing process: sheet metal bending

  • Surface treatment: powder coating /painting /anodization /sandblasting /zinc coating etc available

Sheet metal bending, stamping, stainless steel bending, cabinet stamping

Press Brake Tool

Mold for sheet metal stamping and separation

Bending machine mold, also called press brake tool. It is a tool used by a bending machine to shape and process sheet metal. This tool consists of various parts, and different molds are made up of different parts. It mainly achieves the processing of the shape of the object by changing the physical state of the formed material. A tool used to turn a blank into a workpiece with a specific shape and size under the pressure of a bending machine.

The bending machine mold is divided into upper and lower molds, which are used for sheet metal stamping and separation molds. The mold used for forming has a cavity, while the mold used for separation has a blade.

Generally, T8, T10, T10A, and even better 42CrMo materials are used, which mainly require high strength, toughness, and good wear resistance. Cold work mold steel is selected Cr12MoV is a very good material. Its performance can meet the requirements, and its process performance is also good. The price will be higher. 42CrMo is a high-strength alloy quenched and tempered steel with high strength and good toughness. It can work below 500 degrees.

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