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ASTM B16.9 A234 WP22 24 Inch SCH 40 Butt Weld Bend Pipe

  • Product Item: P-2

  • Material: aluminum/carbonsteel/stainless steel

  • Pipe OD: 8-200mm

  • Surface treatment: galvanization

  • rust-proof, pass the salty test

ASTM B169 A234 WP22 24 inch SCH xxs butt weld, bend pipe

Description of Tube Bending

CNC tube bender machines, which are often powered hydraulically for extreme torque power, are capable of forming complex tubing shapes such as coils and zigzags with extreme precision and short processing times, although all these processes may still be performed manually on traditional tube benders with longer process times.

Tube Bending performed without a mandrel forms wrinkles in the inside of the tube's curve which can affect the flow capacity of a pipe, and by distorting the interior structure of the pipe create potential weak spots. Although wrinkled tube bends are acceptable for some low-performance and non-aesthetic applications, high performance mufflers, hydraulic piping and decorative handrails require smooth, unobstructed tube bends.

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