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Stamping Metal Hardware Metal Building Material

  • Product Item: c-9

  • Material: SECC

  • Surface: Zinc plated/Painting

  • Customized Size

  • tolerence: ±0.025mm

stamping metal hardware building material, pipe clamp, building material, autocar parts, Motor stator and rotor, equipment cover, metal shleves

Description of Stamping Metal Hardware Metal Building Material

Our in-house tool and die shop enables us to start metal Stamping parts as soon as your design is approved. We have the capabilities to robotically transfer parts from die to die in the Stamping process, for fast, efficient production.

We also use progressive dies and hand-fed line dies to produce precision metal stamping parts. These capabilities allow us to provide exceptional precision and part-to-part repeatability. As a custom metal fabrication shop, we’re able to manufacture practically any precision metal part you need.

Custom Metal Stamping

Our engineering and tech group will work with you as needed to refine your designs and develop a final product that will meet or exceed your expectations. Yixing Technology uses advanced metal stamping simulation software to evaluate part feasibility, saving our customers time and money.

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