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Stainless Steel Pipe Bending

  • Material: SS304 SS316

  • Surface: Mirror 

  • Customized Size

  • Tolerance: ±0.2mm

Tube bending and welding, cart handle, pipe bending

Does Stainless Steel Pipe Bending Require Heat Treatment?

Whether heat treatment is required for bending stainless steel pipes depends on the specific process method and material characteristics. The following are several situations:

Conventional bending: If unconventional bending methods such as rotary pipe bending machines or laser pipe bending machines are used, heat treatment is usually not required.

Special requirement: For stainless steel pipes that require large angle bending, heat treatment is recommended to achieve stronger bending performance and better corrosion resistance.

High strength situations: Due to the higher strength of stainless steel pipes compared to ordinary materials, high pressure is required during stamping or shearing to ensure that shear failure and work hardening do not occur. In this case, plasma or laser cutting can be used, and in cases where gas cutting or arc cutting is necessary, the heat affected zone should be ground and heat treated if necessary.

In summary, whether heat treatment is required for bending stainless steel pipes mainly depends on the bending method, material characteristics, and requirements. In general, conventional bending may not require heat treatment, but in specific situations such as large angle bending or high-strength stainless steel pipes, heat treatment may be beneficial.

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