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Motorcycle Bumper Welding

  • Material: SS201/SS304/SS316

  • Surface: Mirror finish

  • Customized Size

  • Main Process: bending and welding

  • Tolerance: ±0.5mm

Customized bending pipe welding process for motorcycle bumper

Welding Precautions

1. The length of the arc is related to the type of electrode coating and the thickness of the coating. But short arcs should be used as much as possible, especially low hydrogen welding rods. A long arc may cause porosity. Short arc can prevent harmful gases such as O2 and N2 from entering the weld metal in the atmosphere, forming harmful impurities such as oxides and affecting the quality of the weld.

2. The appropriate welding speed depends on the corresponding changes in conditions such as electrode diameter, coating type, welding current, heat capacity of the welded object, and structural beginning, and cannot be standardized. Maintain a suitable welding speed, and the slag can cover the molten pool well. Allow sufficient time for various impurities and gases in the molten pool to float out, avoiding the formation of slag inclusions and pores in the weld seam. If the speed of rod transportation is too fast during welding, the shrinkage stress will increase when the welding area cools down, causing cracks to appear in the weld seam

3.The selection of welding wire should be based on the type of steel being welded, the quality requirements of the welded components, the welding construction conditions (plate thickness, groove shape, welding position, welding conditions, post weld heat treatment and welding operation, etc.), and the cost should be comprehensively considered.

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