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Progressive Die For Clamp, Automatic Manipulator Stamping Pipe Clamp

  • Product Item: s-3

  • Mold material: DC53

  • Mold cavity: 1

  • Customized Size

  • Mold life: 1000000 PCS

Automatic manipulator stamping progressive die for clamp, auto parts, electrical terminals and contacts, metal hardware, china metal factory, precision mold, continuously manufacture autocar parts, Motor stator and rotor

Description of Progressive Die For Clamp, Automatic Manipulator Stamping Pipe Clamp

Longer Runs

With automated feeding, fast production speed and more time between material changes, a well setup progressive die can run for days producing high quality, high volume parts.

Lower Labor Cost Per Part

Progressive metal Stamping:

Reduces the need for multiple die changes

One operator can manage several processes

Reduced Scrap Material

Well engineered, highly optimized and durable progressive dies minimize scrap during the Stamping process and in the number of rejected parts.

Repeatable Complex Parts

Progressive dies facilitate the manufacture of parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. Hard-tooled progressive dies endure high-volume runs without degradation.

Faster Production Speeds

Progressive stamping is ideal for manufacturing small metal parts at high speed. Our high-speed progressive stamping equipment can achieve speeds up to 650 strokes per minute.

Tighter Tolerances

QST achieves tight dimensional tolerances of +/-0.0010” with expertly engineered part and die design. Precision stamping & precision stamped features on parts are process controlled.

Process Efficiency

Progressive stamping can produce hundreds of parts per minute with quick setup, continual material feeding & minimal downtime.

Quality Assurance

The lowest possible defect rates on production runs by 5S quality control throughout each project.

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